South African born creative Natalie Kieleithner is a multi disciplinary practitioner with a central focus on fashion design.  Being of cross cultural heritage and spending her younger years in Germany, she has developed a deep and intrinsic interest in identity, the human sensory experience, and globalisation of culture and design. 

Natalie is currently completing her honours year of BA Design (Fashion) at RMIT University Melbourne, Australia.  Her eclectic body of work is linked by the universal ideal of the human condition, with each undertaking being a new perspective on the emotive experience of the senses. 

Never static, Natalie’s work draws out the human element of each concept by heightening the use of the hand through artisan technique and slow design.  The cross disciplinary approach to her practice has allowed her to successfully collaborate with a diverse range of practitioners and organisations, from the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show to Swedish stationery company Kikki.K to bridal wear retailer Mariana Hardwick.



Design is to me an expression of soul and lifestyle, with clothing being one channel of communication, an enjoyable function.  My practice is centered around the belief that innovative textile construction can inspire original shape and form that brings a new perspective and enjoyment to people and society.


Materiality, quality and process are three of the most important elements for me in design and I highly value the creation of customized textiles.


I would describe my work as multidisciplinary as I draw on a range of creative techniques, applications and modes of dissemination.   I have developed a diverse and eclectic body of work to date, with some elements carrying through each undertaking, to form a unifying signature.  This presence of adapted traditional textile techniques, artisanal influences and a heavy focus on materiality lend a very human and emotional element across my work.  Themes of personal identity and the human condition interacting with nature are reoccurring influences throughout my practice.”

                                                                                                                                                                  - Natalie Kieleithner